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  1. Bringing outside food and drinks are not allowed, as the restaurant will be open for your dining pleasure.

  2. Any food brought in will be subject to corkage fees.

  3. We are a pet-friendly resort. We only request for the following: guests clean up after their own pets, restrict them from swimming in the pool, using resort towels, and going on top of our mattresses. A deposit of Php 4,000 will be collected in cash upon check-in for incidental stains or damages to resort property that pets might cause. Pet deposit is refundable upon check-out.

  4. Check-in is 2 PM and check-out is 11 AM. If there are no guests checking-in, you may request a 12NN check-out.

  5. Early check-ins as early as 8 AM can be accommodated one day before check-in date subject to the availability of the rooms. 

  6. Six of our rooms accommodate up to 4 pax. One room accommodates up to 6 pax. Additional person is Php1500 per night.

  7. Wear a mask at all times and follow social distancing protocols in our common areas to ensure the safety of our guests and staff from COVID-19.

  8. Staff are only available from 7am to 9pm. If you wish to extend their services, there is an additional charge of PHP500/hour.

  9. Bring appropriate swimwear for the pool. Swimming with casual or street attire is strictly prohibited.

  10. For safety and sanitary purposes, strictly no smoking outside the designated areas within the resort.

  11. Strictly no bringing home of resort toiletries and towels. Inspections will be conducted before checking out. 


  • Starting March 2021, individual room bookings are available on weekdays only, Monday to Thursday night.

  • Weekends are reserved for whole space bookings only.


  • A 30% deposit is required to secure reservation. Full payment is due 7 days prior to check-in date.

  • If guest's dates are in less than 7 days, full payment is required 2 days before check-in date.

  • We accept bank deposit or PayPal. If PayPal is the preferred mode of payment, An additional 4.5% is added on top of rate.

  • For individual room bookings, a deposit of Php 2,500 per room will be collected in cash or GCash upon check-in.

  • For whole space bookings, the deposit is Php 15,000 paid in cash or GCash upon check-in.

  • Missing or damaged resort property will be charged against the deposit. Room deposit is refundable in cash or GCash upon check-out.


  • FOR FULLY VACCINATED: Vaccine card plus Vaxcert to be generated in this website:


  • FOR LOCAL RESIDENTS: ID only with Address

  • FOR CHILDREN OF VACCINATED PARENTS 2-12 YEARS OLD – Saliva/antigen 24 hours prior to check-in

  • FOR CHILDREN OF VACCINATED PARENTS 2-12 YEARS OLD: RT-PCR, 48 hours prior to check-in


  • Currently, we are accepting kids above 2 years old

  • Children below 3ft are exempt from the count when booking


  • All prices are VAT inclusive

  • A service charge of 10% on food and drinks is applicable in our restaurant


  • Refunds will not be accepted once down payment has been transferred

  • Cancellations due to the following circumstances are rebookable for a later date:

    • ​Government travel restrictions

    • If guest contracts COVID-19, upon which he/she will have to present test result

    • Death of a family member or serious injury/illness

    • Natural disasters, large-scale outages of essential utilities, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other severe and abnormal weather events. This does not include weather or natural conditions that are common enough to be foreseeable in Zambales


  • All promos and prices are subject to change without prior notice

  • Seniors/PWD discounts are applicable only on add-ons on top of accommodation rate

  • The resort has separate packages for special events such as weddings, debuts, prenups, etc. A room reservation or whole space booking does not give guests permission to bring outside suppliers and materials for the said occasions, therefore will be restricted from doing such. To request for package, email


1. I hereby agree that the use of the services, beach facilities, swimming pool, is at my child’s (if applicable)and my own risk. I hereby forever release, waive, relinquish, and discharge Waikoloa from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or relating to any loss, damage or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, my employees, subcontractors, guests or anyone else caused by or incidental to my electing to have access to this property/land, or to any property belonging to me, whether caused by the negligence of the releases, or otherwise, while on or upon the premises, while in transit to or from the premises, or in any place, or places connected with the premises. I understand the risks involved in being on this property/premises, and I recognize and agree to accept that any activity/activities involves risk of injury while being on this property/premises, and I assume all risks associated with it, including but not limited to property damage or loss, minor bodily injury, severe bodily injury, slips or falls, food poisoning or allergic reaction to food served in the hotel, physical or verbal altercations with hotel staff, City employees, or other guests, electrocution from appliances or equipment within the hotel, drowning in the sea, pools or tubs, terrorist or other violence, theft or vandalism, auto accidents around the hotel, or fires or other disasters affecting the hotel, and death. I am voluntarily entering onto this property/premises with the knowledge of the risks involved and hereby agree to accept any and all inherent risks of property damage, bodily injury, drowning or death. I further agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Waikoloa Hotel and Resort, its owners, management, staff, servants, agents, employees and/or independent contractors, their heirs, successors and assigns from any and all claims, losses or liability arising from, connected with or caused by my or my child’s use of Waikoloa Hotel and Resorts services, swimming pool and facilities, whether located on or off the resort premises.


2. I declare and affirm that I am in good medical and physical condition and that the use of the Waikoloa Hotel and Resort’s services, beach facilities, and swimming pool does not pose any danger to my health. I further hereby agree to indemnify and save and hold harmless the releasees and each of them, from any loss, liability, damage or costs they may incur due to my being on the premises, whether caused by the negligence of any or all of the releasees, or otherwise.


3. I have read and understand the foregoing, and acknowledge my consent to the terms of this Waiver. I am at least 18 years old; I understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing this release and have signed freely and without my inducement or assurance of any nature; I intend this release to be a complete and unconditional waiver and release of all liability against releases t the greatest extent allowed by law; and I agree that if any portion of this release is held to be invalid in the balance, notwithstanding, shall continue in full force and effect. 

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